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USNA Awards/History

School Nurse of the Year (SNOTY) Award

School Nurse Administrator of the Year Award

Mary Ito Award

Little Light Award

Mary Ito Award History


2004-5 - Salt Lake City School District Nurses

Lynne Calame, Nan Mead, Deborah Milan-Niler, and Mary Clark received it together.


2005-6- Weber School District nurses. For initiating a school based immunization program with the health dept to bring vaccinations to the secondary school. It was for Meningitis when it wasn’t a required vaccine. (These nurses were employed at the district at that time: Claudia Streuper, Linda Crowton, Pat Teuscher, Sharon Hendrickson, Pam Ballif, Cathy Cardon, Karen Thorsted, Kellee Wayment, Veletia Gray, and Becky Toone). The award sits on my desk at the district office, Claudia Streuper


2009-10 - BettySue Hinkson, Alpine School District nurse


2010-11 – Nancy Drew, Canyons School District nurse (see below)


2011-12 – Shirley Stevens, Rowland Hall school nurse


2012-13 - Kellee Wayment, Weber School District nurse


2013-14 - Teresa Scheidler-Hildebrand, Canyons District Nurse


2014-15 - Lois Dainack, Washington County School District


2015-16 – Margo Hill, Davis County School District


2016-17 -


2017-18 - 


2018-19 -