Legislative Updates

Increased Funding for School Nurses

12/12/2018 - 

The USNA Advocacy Committee will continue to work hard to hopefully secure  increased funding for school nurses. HOWEVER, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!


Please schedule meetings with your local school boards. Emphasize the need for increased school nurse funding not only based on our data from the physical needs of our students but also from the mental and emotional needs of our students! Let these board members know how much of your days are spent assessing these needs! TELL THEM YOUR REAL-LIFE SCHOOL NURSING STORIES! Every day, ALL OF YOU, are influencing and improving the lives of children! They need to know what you do and your successes!!!!




Please let me know of any questions or concerns that you may have.

NASN's Position Statement regarding the school nurse's role in behavioral and mental health of students.

Please use this information when talking to legislators, school district and school board officials!

Click the button containing the talking points for your presentation/discussion regarding school nursing with your legislators. Keep your remarks brief and to the point. Remember that the reason for our request for increased funding for school nurses is to keep our children safe and healthy during school hours!

For more information contact Kim Lowe, Advocacy Chair


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